A Poem of ‘You’

Sebuah puisi yang sudah lumayan lama sejak tahun 2010. ini dikasih seseorang yang sedikit banyak sudah bikin hatiku bolong-bolong -maksudnya hatiku kuberi ke dia, jadinya bolong2 gitu :p

yaaa.. semoga saja dia pas googling apa gitu kejebak buat nengok ke blog ini dan membaca puisinya sendiri. *hopeeee*.

sori ya, puisinya aku post di blog tanpa minta izin dulu. but however, I love you so much! 🙂 



A Poem of ‘You’

mmmm… it’s definitely hard to tell …

you… who are you???
i know your words
it’s real
i fall in love with you
so much

trying to look for its reason,
just find three words
‘i love you’

have raised me up
have changed my mind
have made me a better than before
have filled my heart
with everything of you

driving me insane
getting no words of you
missing part of mine
getting no words of you

one day
wanna pronounce three words
with my lips
n you looked to see me
Through my honest eyes
do you love me???

the only word that I wanna hear from
your lips

by : Tentang Seseorang ‘10

note: I don’t know why I can make that poem…:lol:
I don’t even like a romance before, but tonight??? What’s going on with me???
Yeah…I’m falling in love.


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